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Nimico Training (Pty) Ltd is a market leader in training interventions and strategic services. We offer a holistic approach to development by ensuring that every intervention fits with your company’s strategic intent. Let us partner with you to improve workplace performance using unique learning approaches that contribute towards the achievement of your business goals.

Vision Statement
Our vision is for Nimico Training to be the preferred training and development partner to those individuals and organisations that are committed to, and passionate about engendering a culture of learning.

Mission Statement
Our mission is to facilitate learning that will lead to the enhancement of skills in individuals, and the application and sustainability of these skills in organisations.

Values Statement
I treat Nimico Training as being my own company and live the Vision and Mission. I pledge to act with integrity, when dealing with both clients and colleagues, and will be open, honest and transparent at all times. I am passionately driven by Total Quality Management. I use my individual talents to contribute to the team, so that together we can exceed all our stakeholders’ expectations.

BEE Status

Nimico Training (Pty) Ltd has been independently rated in terms of BBBEE Codes of Good Practice and has been considered to be a exempted micro enterprise and level four contributor entity. Certificate Number: B/R 01633 P.



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